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[M]RentJewels is the largest Bidal Rental jewellery destination in South India . Now we are planning to introduce a new concept called DIGITAL RENTAL SHOWROOMS all over Kerala. Digital rental showroom is the exclusive digital platform of Mrentjewels. A joint venture concept, where customers can rent jewellery with the help of franchisee. By this franchisee concept customers from all over kerala can access more than 5000 products and rent it with the help of digital platform

Franchise Support and Benefits

Franchise Cost

It will cost approximate 10 to 30 lakhs depending on the size of the project. Also have small investment projects between 3 to 5 lakhs.

Brand Value

[M] Rent Jewels comes under the Brand MINAR Fashion since 2000. Now we are inviting you to be part of this success story

Proven Return on Investment

Starting a franchise with [M] Rent Jewels presents an steady income on your investment (above 10 Lakhs) on daily basis. Investments less than 10 lakhs, The profit will be given in the ratio of 50:50 among the parties.

Marketing Support

We provide marketing Support, Staff assistance, Business Generation, POS billing and continuous operations support.

Staff Training Offered

Special training is offered to recruit expert staff

Stock Support

Franchise can use the whole stock available in Main Hub. No need to stock large quantities of jewellery

Franchisee Amount 10 Lakhs

  1. Company owned showroom(below 500sqrt)with interior and efficient staff.
  2. Daily income Rs.2000/- for first 750 working days
  3. Manage and operate the business on behalf of the party
  4. Will pay all expenses including room advance, rent, staff salary, EB etc
  5. After 750 working days will handed over the fully functioned shop to the party

T&C Apply

Franchisee Amount 5 to 10 Lacks

Required below 200sqrt shop and staff for handling it.

  1. Provide interior work
  2. Provide TV, Tab and software for virtual business.
  3. Can use Brand name and Logo
  4. No need to stock large quantity of jewellery items
  5. No maintenance changes for the damaged or colour faded rental items.
  6. Training for the staff
  7. 50% of Amount from profit

Franchisee Amount 3 to 5 Lakhs

Required minimum 150sqrt shop with interior and staff for handling it.

  1. Provide TV, Tab and software for virtual business.
  2. Can use Brand name and Logo
  3. No need to advertising separately
  4. No maintenance charges for the damaged or colour faded rental items.
  5. Training for the Staff
  6. 50% of Amount from the profit

Franchise above 10Lakhs

There will be changes in terms based on the size of the shop and investing Amount

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